It would be feasible an script to copy Google Maps data?

Hello, I want to replace Google Maps for OSM in my daily usage but where I live there is almost no data in OSM. I spent some hours mapping and while doing it I used Google Maps to help my memory. Somedays later, I did a simple javascript code to copy info from a website. So I thought it may be possible to do the same with Google.

But there are some issues to keep in mind, I’m not very sure it would be legal, there is so much data in Google Maps, some of the data is already in OSM and we don’t want duplicated data, not just would be needed to copy the data but to commit (or upload or whatever) to OSM.

What do you think? It would possible? It would be legal?

It would be illegal. Google’s terms specifically bar using their data to create other maps. Also most commercial web sites have conditions forbidding the use of tools to mechanically extract data. If discovered, your edits would almost certainly be removed from OSM.

Pablo when you signed up you agreed to: paragraph 1 and after yor sign up was completed, you were further presented with which again makes it clear that you can only use sources for which you and OSM have permission.

Well, that’s right but I was asking about an hypothetical case. In reference to the contributions I actually did, as far as I am concerned I didn’t infringe any copyright.

Now, after reading some articles of the wiki about the topic I see that this topic is completely pointless in the forum. My apologies.

To be on the safe side, you shouldn’t do this. If you live there, just survey again and take notes in paper, or with photographs and you could also collaborate with openstreetcam and/or mapillary.

You should follow this guidelines when importing data