It Does Not Show Street Names Rather Than It Shows Street Numbers?

When I search a place and zoom enough so that It shows the Street Names.

It shows some of the street names.

But It does not show all the street names.

Rather than It shows Street Numbers.

  1. Why?

  2. Is there a way to make It show Street names?

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How Can I See The Zoom Amount I Adjusted? - #2 by SimonPoole applies here too. Explain what “It” is supposed to be, provide a link to the location and so on.


Think it has everything to do with data density… when the render of a street name imposes on another item with a name, the renderer’s ‘rules’ make a decisions which to show at a certain zoom. e.g. a row of house numbers too close to each other will only show those that don’t overlap in close up.

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Different maps show different things, and there are lots of different maps made with OpenStreetMap data.

If you can highlight a place where this is a problem someone might be able to suggest a map that shows all the street names there.


Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

You can check the location above.

It does not show most of the street names. Just street numbers which does not work on Google Map Navigations.

I use both printed map from OpenStreetMap and Google Maps Navigation.

Why doesn’t It show the names of the streets?

Is It because nobody entered the data for those streets?

In some examples, yes. If you’re in the local area you can help by writing down the street names and adding them to OpenStreetMap.

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