Issues with nominatim searches

I’m trying to perform a viewbox bounded search for bus stations. When searching for “bus stop” I get zero hits although seems to indicate this is what I should be searching for. The funny thing is that searching for the german synonym “bushalte” gives me the hits I’m looking for.


The nominatim server seems exceptionally slow at this query too, which is strange.

I’ve tried to use the MapQuest server too, it has the same symptom of accepting the german word but not the english, but it’s significantly faster for this query. Example:,59.430034,17.950893,59.409808

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

/ Anders

Fixed the issue with the slow query.

The query with “bus stop” works fine for me, though. (There was a restriction about searching for special terms with highway=* but that should no longer apply to bus stops.)

Thanks! I do get hits now for bus stops but there is still something fishy. Just where I live there are two stops named “kummelbyvägen” on opposite sides of the road and quite a bit apart from eachother. A bounded search gives me one but not the other. I’ve looked at the POI info but I can’t detect any differences between them. It’s pretty strange.