Issues in Agra

There’s a bit of a mess in Agra. The city and many of the monuments have been renamed or been unnamed, there are duplicate ways monuments and tags, the Taj Mahal has become a commercial building, and there are many other issues. This has been done by multiple users in a few days recently. I’m guessing it is could be some kind of exercise at a school or something, but it does not look good. Does anyone have any idea what this is?

This problem is since one week in Agra. The same problem was in Ranchi one month ago! In two weeks nobody will map anymore.
It looks like an School project.

There is only one way–> try to repair the faults and revert shit! I repaired yesterday and day befor eyesterday a lot. Please be so kind and repair also a bit.

I’ve seen some of the issues at Ranchi and repaired a bit of it last week.

There’s some danger of the OSM India map becoming like much of Wikimapia India. A complete mess, land claims, personal information, propaganda even, mixed with good information.

So what attitude should we take? If someone has carried out some obvious vandalism, perhaps then revert everything they’ve done. But what about the clueless ones mucking about, who might just come back?