Issue with server?

Hi there,

Is there an issue with the server? Seems like the queue is building up., queue = 900 requests (~3.8 days), status = OK

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I’ve found the same thing. No sign of it coming good any time soon. :frowning:

Well, no signs were given indeed, but the server is working again. The server needed a reboot because it gave memory errors which sometimes (mostly?) are fixed with a reboot.

It is possible that a few requests have gone missing, if you think that this involves your request: please request your map again.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi Lambertus,
Thanks for the quick response! I see my download is making pogress in queue again.
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Hi Lamertus,

No need to apologise. I’m just happy that things are back to normal.



The server has stopped again, this time the storage (HP MS2000) or the controller gives an Input/Output error… :confused:

Update: The fibrechannel raid controller gave a software error and has been reset. Next was to fix the filesystem errors on the remote storage. Now everything seems fine again. Thanks to the server admin for the support!

Update: Some maps have been removed due to the filesystem errors unfortunately. If your request is no longer in the queue and you did not receive the link to your map then it’s best to request your map again.