Issue with running the Travelling Sales man Java app of OSM


I am new to the OpenStreet Maps.
Can any one please help me in running the example app provided by Open Street Map that is the Travelling Sales man app. I need the procedure to run that app in my machine. I mean the additional files if any needed to run it. I am getting some exceptions like when I am trying to run that app and downloading the visible area. Basically the thing is I am able to run it (I mean the UI of it is able view for me). But I am not able to download the visible area from it.Can any one please help me in resolving this issue. Like by providing some on it like if any additional files are needed or is there any specific procedure to follow to run and perform routing using that app.

Thanks in Advance

Do you mean this app?

First of all, this Java app is NOT provided by OpenStreetMap, but by the author mentioned there.

Unfortunately, there has been any progress about the sourcecode … and I am not aware any public webservice or other app using this project as basis. So you can try to contact the author to get some hints.

Thanks Stephan :slight_smile: