Issue - Red building boxes disappearing post save

Dear all

I have been digitising buildings in Broxburn / West Lothian / Scotland and after logging in and digitising a number of buildings I save the buildings. Normally after save the newly digitised features appear as a red box over bing aerial maps and I can continue on with the next building.

At present 13:02 BST 11 October 2016 immediately after saving new digitised buildings - after save the new digitised features disaapear - fine in that I have remembered where I am in the estate but it makes continuing digitising a bit harder. I note that if I go into history the saved digitised buildings are there. Looks like there is a lag in display of newly saved digitised buildings to the digitising edit screen from what I presume is a PostGIS database.

Anyone else experiencing this strange behaviour?
Previously this was not occurring so this is new for me today 11 October 2016

Digitising on a windows 7 machine through Chrome Version 53.0.2785.101 m.

I have noted that sometimes when you are in history and you zoom in and out - although the orange box remains highlighting the edit sessions of users - newly digitsed and saved buildings within those orange boxes will sometimes appear and disappear as zoom levels change.


Udpdate : seems to be working again

This is pretty normal behaviour: the rendering servers will never be completely in sync with the main database & individual tiles may not get refreshed quickly after an edit if the load is high on the server. Additionally your browser may also be caching old tiles.

If you need to check progress I would suggest that instead of relying on the render chain to be instantaneous you use a custom Overpass(-turbo) query for your area. The Overpass server may also be slightly lagging, but it is usually no more than 5 minutes behind. I use this approach fairly frequently as it not only helps show how much one has done but provides a basic sense check on tags used.

Thank you SK53 I will check out your suggestions