Israel Post's upcoming postbox removal

I don’t know how many of the ~4,000 red postal boxes operated by Israel Post have been mapped, but today TheMarker published an article saying that about 1,500 of them will be removed. Most of the boxes in Jerusalem have already been sealed. Does anyone have a list of the boxes slated to be removed? Also, is there a way to easily get a list of mapped boxes in Israel on OSM?

If you want to search the location of any OSM tag, you can use the OSM Wiki and use the “overpass-turbo” link on the right-hand box of the appropriate entry.

For example:

  1. Start with searching for “post box” on the OSM wiki

  2. It leads to Tag:amenity=post_box

  3. There you can find this overpass-turbo link to all such tags

  4. Pan and zoom to the area of interest

  5. Click the “Run” button