Israel Hiking map


Harel and I have been working on an Open Israel Hiking Map project. A preview of the project is currently available from my Dropbox. Zoom-in to see the trails.

We’re looking for a permanent hosting site for the project. Can we add it to


Simply amazing!
Is the goal to emulate מפות סימון שבילים or to improve upon them?
Can I share it?

The goal is definitely to be the best :slight_smile:

Ideas for improvement, and actual contributions, are most welcome. For example, I think it still lacks biker-oriented features.

Please go ahead and share.

Looks very impressive :slight_smile:

Have you talked to I suspect one of you could gain from the other. For example they might have some trails marked which are not in OSM yet.

Have you thought about map versions marked in English, Russian, or Arabic?

Again, excellent work.
My two pennies’ worth:
Road numbers are a bit too big, obscure too much of the map and would still be legible smaller.
For biking purposes I’d highlight bike-designated paths (single-tracks) differently than footpaths. Since you are using colors for “samash” then may be use a different dash style. Highlight long bike route relations. Perhaps drinking water facilities, bike repair shops.
Apart from forests, I’d use color schemes for farmland, orchards, vineyards, scrubland, and sand (I don’t like the desert tag – to me it’s meaningless).
Are you planning higher zoom levels if you find a hosting server? If so then memorials, ruins, archaeological sites etc. should also be included. Graveyards…
I’d get some ideas from Randy Allen’s landscape map (on the opencyclemap site). I like the way he renders quarries for instance. 4umaps is also interesting to examine, and of course the fabulous Toposm.
Other sites that might be willing to host you are: tiyuli, shvoong and groopy
Good luck!

I also think that the marking of the Israel trail can be a little subtler.

nice work
i can help with cartography and mapping if you need

Great work

The more trails you upload to OSM the better you’ll make the map for every one, this was our initial goal, to make it free and available for every one.
Just make sure you add the appropriate tags.

Harel M.

Hi Zeev ,

My name is Adi , owner of bicycle site .
your projects sounds great !
and i’ll be happy to join forces , and give your new system the best place to show and maybe hosts …
we also got lots of trails files ,

i’ll be happy if you get in touch ,



Access to my public Dropbox folder has been temporarily blocked due to high access load.
I hope we will hear back from Dimka or Mr_Israel regarding the hosting on

Another copy of the map is currently uploading to Google Drive.

I hope we’ll find Google more reliable than Dropbox…

There’s a thread in at about the map, and someone asked if I could write a script for online use with orux. I that OK?

This map is creating quite a stir, and is appreciated by anyone viewing it.
It already attracted several novices to try and contribute to OSM - well done.
Would you like me to share it on more mapping-relevant forums? or is the traffic created too much as it is?

Hi valley,

I think you can go ahead and create an online Orux script, you’ll probably need to change it once we find suitable hosting service though…
the only reason i see not to share the links is, as mentioned, the fact that we are not hosted yet (which is the reason for the traffic issue…)

I would recommend waiting until we find a host and then continue advertising (once we find a host, the older links will probably not work and I prefer to reduce the number of broken links related to this project), but again, this is just a recommendation… :slight_smile:

Harel M.

Yes. Please wait with any automated download of the map tiles until we find a host that can handle the extra load.

Zeev and Harel,

I’m fairly certain I can provide hosting. Please contact me directly so we can discuss the details.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for your kind offer.

We should have followed-up earlier in this thread about the hosting of the Israel Hiking map on It seems like the host is able to handle the load.
We have not tried yet to create the map on the server, so updates are still done manually.

An offline map for Oruxmaps is available on a Google Drive, and it too seems to handle the load well.
An offline map for OziExplorer is available on Dropbox, courtesy of Erez Gur.

Thanks again,

Several people on the groopy forum have asked for a script that can work online with Orux.

I understand that in the past you have created an XML file of map sources for the biking community.
Could you also add Israel Hiking to it?
If the server will handle the extra load, we could make that “online source” more widely known.

The problem is that I’m not sure about the legal status of some of the maps I have there.
The xml code for viewing your maps is simple and it should be attached to the existing onlinemapsources.xml in orux before the tag .

<onlinemapsource uid="80">
<name>Israel Hiking Map</name>
<httpparam name=""></httpparam>