Israel and Palestina English labeled map

I’m new to OSM and don’t really want to go deep. I registered just to ask this question: could anybody of you experienced users render the map of Isreal and Palestina with English labels for me?
Or is there any service or community that could provide this for me? Unfortunately, I was unable to learn how to do this by myself (in reasonable timespan).
If this is easy, I would really appreciate the standard and cyclo map.
Thanks a lot!

Try this or this.

Looks exactly like what I want to have in my Android navigation. I just don’t have a clue how to get it there.

What Android app are you using for navigation?

In the “global app settings” on v1.7.5 of Osmand I see two things that might be of interest:

  1. “Display Language” can be set to a specific language (I suspect this is only for things like menus).
  2. “Use English names in maps” (a check box)

I think the later might do what you want but I haven’t loaded the maps for the area in question to see if I’m right.

Thanks n76, this worked and I can use it as a backup solution. I use the Locus navigation and downloaded previously .map vector maps from here I have not found any map-language switch option in Locus, so I don’t really know whether the language displayed (Hebrew) is just the default language or the only language in the map.
Of course, I prefere to stick with the app I’m familiar with. I find OsmAnd a little bit confusing with its bright colors and thick streets.


For OSMAND go to Settings,General, Map preferred language and change f.e. to English.

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I find OsmAnd confusing, too. I’m using GPS Navigation & Maps by Scout. The disadvantage of this app is that maps don’t get updated so often (OsmAnd is updated every month).

There are many other navigation apps for Android based on OpenStreetMap: