Islands render in river

Why doesent de standar layer in OSM show island in river but if I change it to Cycle or Transport map its shown I made the island whit a tag exampe-- node wood and relation riverbank role inner do I need to do something more or ? But I see older contributions some island are visible plz help

You may need to link to an example - islands may be mapped in different ways.

Some providers need some time before changes made in the database get rendered in the map-tiles. Can you post a link to the OSM-Data and the map you are referring to?

There it is guys I have a lot of expirience in OSM but this bothers me a lot… And what did I find out today if I mark it pedestrin it renders…

There are a lot of litle island on the river of Una

From a quick glance at the area you link to I can see you have two multipolygons overlapping and using all islands in one and some islands in the other. I think I would delete both multipolygons and start again.

This page shows how to properly make multipolygons such as you are trying to make. It also shows the way to make nested multipolygons :-

May I respectfully say that you would find JOSM a much better editor for this type of mapping. Only takes a short time to get used to it.


thx for the tip I will look into JOSM regards