Isfahan, Zhiraz, Tabriz metro

Hello, iranian mappers.

Recently the user moreno96 converted metro infrastructure in the aforementioned cities from subway to light_rail. For example,

Please explain if such a change is justified. In the Internet I can find “Tabriz metro” but not “Tabriz LRT”.

The user who converted some urban railways, is me.
Some years ago, I myself added them by my knowledge about them and according to my academic Proficiency.
These lines (the first line of Urban Railway of large cities of Iran except Tehran, Qom and Kermanshah) are Light Rails. Those have simpler construction than Metro, less electricity flow than Metro (everyone can see electrical infrastructures closely, such as third rail for metro and cables for LRT), less passengers storage (those lines dont have a storage like thousands passenger in every Metro wagon) and some another difference between them.
If you found some words such as “Tabriz Metro” but not “Tabriz LRT”, maybe the reason be Insufficient knowledge of newspapers or news websites. But since I know Line 2 of some of those cities are from Metro type (Which is under construction), like line 2 (active) and line 3 (under construction) of Mashhad.

But These lines converted to incorrect types by another user.
Thank you for your responsibility,
Please Don’t Worry, all things are good.
Best Regards

Excuse me, however you found “Tabriz Metro”.
They (Tabriz Urban Railway website) have written “سازمان قطارشهری تبریز و حومه”
But in address they’ve written “

And same thing for Esfahan, they’ve written “سازمان قطارشهری”
Even their website address is “
that means Ghatar-Shahri, not metro

thank you for quick and detailed answer. I had lack of certainty, but now I’ve completed your work with:

  • converted route_master relations from subway to light_rail
  • converted railway=station objects from station=subway to station=light_rail
  • removed railway=light_rail + light_rail=yes from nodes that are neither stations nor stop_positions. I guess they were tagged incidentally when retagging railway ways.

I thank you so much.
I was very busy in the last year and couldn’t edit new features or review other users edits meanwhile, until changing these lines, forced me to reacting to correct them.