Is this a render error?

I edited this node Node: ‪Banco Industrial‬ (‪3676966259‬) | OpenStreetMap a while ago but now shows as two points, the old location have the name and the new one only the icon, is this a render problem? or should I just wait and this will be fixed eventually?

The node when I enter in edit mode

This is how is shown on normal mode

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When enabling the “Map data” layer, the old location no longer shows up (and the Walmart icon in the middle is created by Way: ‪Walmart‬ (‪406613744‬) | OpenStreetMap).

This looks like an outdated tile to me, which hopefully gets re-rendered after a while.


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Yeah, that’s definitely an outdated tile. The tile on the top got updated, but the one below hasn’t yet. I just tried refreshing w/o cache and the old icon is still there. What I can’t explain is why the new icon does not have a label.

The reason is that the node was moved to a different metatile.

Tile expiry and re-rendering is done per metatile (8*8 tiles). The process to expire metatiles is based on minutely diffs, that only contain the coordinates of the new node position. Therefore the process is not aware that the metatile of the old position has changed and thus doesn’t update it.

The new label does not appear, because the icon sits right at the bottom of the tile and the tile below, where the label would be, is not updated yet, because it’s on the other metatile:

Tile 19/130372/240575.png
— metatile boundary —
Tile 19/130372/240576.png

This is a known limitation of the expiry heuristic, so technically this is expected behaviour and not a render error. The bottom tile will be updated on the next change within the previous metatile.

edit: tile links, images cached by system

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