Is there anywhere a Tutorial on how to embed OSM into your Application


I´m totaly impressed by OSM and it has become my Favorite map for Daily use.
Now I´m developing an Windows Mobile (Compact Framework) Application for cyclist and I would love to embed OSM into my Application.
First of all, it will be a GPS Application that shows you your Speed, Altitude on so on but also your Position on a Map. And the next step will be a function to edit and contribute to OSM with this Application.
But I couldn´t find anything on how to do this?!
Can somone please give me a hint? Is there maybe a Framework for .Net or so? Hope my question is not inappropriate?

Thank you so much


There are already a lot of application capable of navigation on devices. You can find many here:

Thx, and I´m aware of that…but I´m not interested in using those but in developing my own Application.
As a developer that is the more interesting Stuff for me…but OSM is an absolute new Area for me, so I hoped to get some informations here…

All I can suggest is looking at the osmdroid code, which is java based and for Android, as that might give you hints and tips on how to do it.