Is there any international reference for the algerian motorway ?


When mapping, I’d liked to add int_ref for the A1 motorway in Algeria … yep lol … the unique/single/only one, motorway in my country. Then started to look for a standard or equivalent international reference for A1 in Algeria but … found nothing !

int_ref=scoobyyy dooooooooooo !! ? :smiley:

Let me know if anyone of you have a source of information.
Salutations amicales.
I guess, it would be “int_ref=TAH 1”
(or should it be “int_ref=TAH1” ?)

Hi, thank you for the answer :wink:
That’s not the TAH 1 (from northen Algeria to the South) that’s the Trans Sahara.
I’m talking about the Motorway A1 from eastern to western Algeria crossing Algiers the capital ;).

According to wikipedia “from northen Algeria to the South” is TAH 2…

Humm, you’re right ! It’s a part of TAH 1. Yep.
So, should I put int_ref=TAH 1 with space between TAH and 1 or TAH1 ?

Okay I follow this one like un Tunisia with : TAH 1 (spaced)

Link :

That’s a good question. European routes in OSM looks like E 40, while Asian - like AH1. How African should look - I don’t know :slight_smile:

Hello Xan_ua,

I have no idea since I never met any road sign on the motorway saying that algerian motorway A1 is referenced TAH 1 (spaced) or TAH1.
Something like what you pointed in Asia.
Image link :

Anyway I tagged int_ref=TAH 1 (spaced) for the moment.
Thank you very much Xan_ua :wink: