Is there any example of tagging a floating dock

Looking for an example of tagging the objects of a floating dock. I know man_made=pier and floating=yes but then there are ramps to get to the dock and spuds to locate the dock. The ramp may be constructed of aluminum but may be covered with a non-slip mat. The same ramp may go from a floating dock to a semi-permanently moored ship.

As far as I’m aware we don’t have any agreed tagging for gangways yet. There’s an undocumented man_made=gangway, but it only has 42 uses.

In the past I think I’ve just tagged them as footways with a bridge tag and an incline, but in the only example I can point to it looks like I forgot the actual bridge tag.

I think material=aluminium and surface=* should be enough to distinguish between the structure and the grippy stuff.

I like the idea of gangway as it means the same in UK english.

Asked the same question on the US OSM slack tagging channel and got interesting comments from someone who has worked in NZ. The ramps are are tagged as bridges as they go over the water and only would be considered a gangway if it enters a boat. What I call a spud is a pile in the UK. There is also an OpenSeaMap which I have to check out.