Is there a way to add tag to traffic signal/light, and more questions.

I am currently trying to create an android application that will actively change the traffic light signal based on the current traffic.

The application is just a mock up and will not affect the real world, but I need to develop the application in android.

I have tried Google map API, but apparently they have no “Traffic signal” as an option.

OSM has traffic signal, but it still does not show the Traffic “Signal” (as in, whether its currently yellow or green or red).

I am really new to programming and I have so many questions to asks, but I need to know first whether adding a tag to a traffic signal such as “traffic_signal_colour = red” is possible. (It doesn’t have to be global, I just need it in my own application.

I am also really confused by the OSM Api, I managed to implemented maps in my map, but there is no routing services and I don’t know which routing service I should used, like ASMAND or ASMdroid? I am still really confused by these terms.

I really need some helps here.

Thank you for any answer.

Note: This is my project synopsis and I hope someone can give me some ideas…

To research design and develop a complete scaled down working system for traffic light signal management based on mobile navigation data.

The system should take into consideration as a minimum the following scope i)Analyse travelers route destination

ii)Forecast expected traffic on a route and propose diversion

iii)Signal timing according to traffic from each direction destination.

The system should be able to communicate with navigation app data GPS technology.

When you download a fragment of OSM to your local disk, there is no problem to add such data. You cannot add fake (mock up data) to the central database. If it is only for a mockup, you can download OSM data for one town from Mapzen.

The OSM API is not about routing, even the routing on is done by third parties.

You might get some ideas from this presentation at SOTM 2016:

Thanks you for your kind answer, so I can used routing services such as OSMAnd and used it on MapZen extract?

When you download an extract from Mapzen, you will have to convert that data with OsmAndMapCreator before OsmAnd can read the data.

Thanks again for your answer.

Being a really newbie here, I would like to know if will allow me to simulate traffics in a city, allowing me to modify the smart traffic lights based on the traffics condition.

Since I only just learnt that OSM does not provide Traffic Data like Google Map does, while Google Map does not provide the traffic light like OSM does… so I am kinda stuck here.

Sorry for so many questions.

Currently I am trying to used the map that has been converted to OBF for offline usage, but I cannot find any tutorial on how to do it. I assumed I need to change this line in my activity of android studio:


But I do not know what to change into to allow it to use the map of my city only.