is there a (simple) way to get information about terrain type?


im in the middle of planning a mobile game with GPS support, for that matter i need to know on what type of terrain/areal someone is currently standing.
The information i need, doesnt need to be too detailed, i want to know: is the player currently inside of a city/town/village (are there streets and houses near or not), is the coordinate on a street, a lawn/grassland (nice would be to know if its “wild” grassland or domestic, like a park or a private garden, but not mandatory), a forest/wood or water.
So basically just what a human gets by looking at the map :slight_smile:

sorry if this was asked before, i couldnt find anything that really matches my problem but its likely that i used the wrong search phrases, in that case i would be happy if someone could just point me in the wright direction :slight_smile:

Do you need information about how implement such features (eg how to work with geometry, GIS libraries and other coding stuff) or just a description of related tags (to look for in OSM data)?

good question! i think something of both…

i know openstreetmap has the data that i want to get but i dont know how to get it.
The game currently can get the gps coordinates of the player and i know how to display this point on a map but what i like to to with the coordinates is to ask some api “what can you tell me about this position”, what i want to get as an answer would be at least “hes standing on a street/lawn/forest in city x or near city x (if outside of town)”, hope this makes more sense :slight_smile:

what would also work is “tell me the color of the map at this position” but i guess the color of the map is chosen by the type of terrain :smiley:

There is an API, check out Overpass
It’s probably able to get you near features or within features based on a location. You would still have to build something that uses that information te classify what kind of place that data would be.

Thank you! will check it out! :slight_smile: