Is there a problem with Osmarender at the moment?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been gradually adding roads and footpaths to Guernsey and am struggling to see what I’ve done and what I haven’t as I can’t seem to get complete maps back from osmarender any more. Things were OK a week or so ago. It keeps coming up with ‘…more OSM coming soon’.

See for an example.

I’m not entirely sure the missing tiles are always the same ones too, and they seem to take ages to appear, unlike the mapnik ones which tend to come instantly.

I have a similar problem using the Mgmaps application on my phone. It is possible Wave Telecom (the local 3G/GSM operator) has problems with its web cache, but given mapnik comes quickly and osmarender doesn’t, it might be an OSM problem.

I’ve also had the problem of duplicate ways appearing beneath the ones I have just created, though this is probably a potlatch issue. It is only when I delete nodes that I notice there is a second identical copy lower down. This could be a much larger problem with lots of duplicate ways hidden beneath others.



Delving a little deeper, if I try to load this tile:

I get a file of size zero bytes. The creation time is 21:59 on 22nd July.

If I try and load:

(the next door image) it works fine, with the same creation time.

Tiles@home is currently being upgraded with new server software, I guess hickups like this are a result of that software change. I guess it is best to try Osmarender again somewhat later :frowning:

OK, will hang on. The problem has been there for about a week now I think. I’ve just send some rerender requests off so will see if that has done anything.

On zooming in to the highest level the area that wouldn’t render seems to be a bit I added some footpaths to. It looks like the lower zoomed areas containing that region are also failing to render, so it may be that there is something amiss with the footpaths and anything that tries to render that area fails. I have removed the footpath by hand (to add it again) and low and behold there appears to be another identical footpath beneath the one I removed. This may be why the rendering is failing?

It is possible that the render client is constantly crashing on a certain area (tile). If that is the case then it is best to report the area to the Tiles@home render client maintainers to see if they can fix the problem in the client or come to the conclusion that the data is bad.

Can you post an url of the area that is failing?

Edit : Oh, I see you already did… I’ll post this on the IRC

Update: Please consider the T@H service to be down for now. Any render request won’t be likely to be handled at the moment. Word is that the tile will most likely render properly once the service is back up again…

I’m still coming across this problem, so I assume it is a potlatch issue. To repeat, some of the ways I have created seem to be duplicated in the database and it is only apparent when the way is chopped in half (say, to give each half a different name) and the original name then seems to peep through. I think the problem has occurred when I created a way, then split it. Somehow the two split parts make it to the database along with the original way. If I move the newer split way in potlatch that has a duplicate underneath, you see the duplicate way underneath for a split second, but then the screen redraws it under the new position. The problem is it is impossible to see if there is a duplicate way as it shares the nodes with the top-most way, so if you move any points the duplicate moves too! The only way I’ve discovered there are duplicates is when I change the name (and the original remains) or if I have a footpath and I find the double layer of transparent paths ends up looking less transparent than usual (on Mapnik, this is). I don’t have any examples as I have fixed all the ones I have found. If anyone can write scripts to look for ways of >2 points that have another identical way on top (possible with all the tags duplicated) it might highlight the extent of the problem.


I’ve just discovered the maplint overlay so I can go through and remove all the duplicate routes that have appeared.

See for Guernsey and the extra routes, some of which I’ve now fixed).