Is there a policy for redirect pages on the wiki?

Sometimes I see new wiki users start creating some questionable redirect pages.


  • Tag:maxspeed=10 → Key:maxspeed (and for a number of other speeds)
  • Tag:admin_level=8 → Tag:boundary=administrative (and similar for other administrative levels)
  • Tag:oneway=yes → Key:oneway
  • Key:busway:left → Key:busway
    and so on

Is there a policy for creating redirect pages on the wiki?
I believe they start being harmful when you have a list of blue links and you don’t know which points to an actual page and which points to the same page you are right now.

I think the reason is that many don’t know about the {{tag|tagname||keyname}} syntax (or don’t use it). Writing the template in that way avoids the red link in the value.

I’m not aware of a policy, but I agree that the redirects in your examples are problematic, with the possible exception of busway:left.

It could be argued that it can be useful to link busway:left=* to busway=*, though ideally there should be other way to link subkeys (but I don’t think there is another way right now).
I don’t think they are the main problem right now, so we can leave it aside while we look at tag pages.

I think that if a tag page (Tag:aaa=yyy), have only a simple redirect to the ‘key’ page as it’s content (#REDIRECT [[Key:aaa]]), it should be deleted.
(There might be exceptions for this rule, but right now I can’t think of one.)

Does anyone has a suggestion where this can be discussed more, therefore becoming a policy of the wiki?