Is there a method to notify all past participants within a specific category?

Scenario: Our Thailand community periodically gathers feedback and conducts polls on specific topics. However, only a handful of members regularly check the community site.

Thus far, I’ve manually reached out to individual members to encourage their participation, but I’m undoubtedly overlooking individuals who were active in the past.

Ideally, I’d like also to extend invitations to non-community members, particularly the top regular mappers in Thailand, as listed here.

Does anyone have insights or suggestions on how to accomplish this in a (semi)automated manner?

People have been suspended in the past for using scripts to
automatically message lots of people; it is not the intended use of the
messaging system even if the purpose is considered good. The problem is
that when you sign up, you don’t automatically agree to receiving such
communication and therefore it may fall short of antispam rules.


Alright, it’s not quite what I was envisioning. :slight_smile:

I was thinking that Discourse might have a feature similar to Facebook groups where you can use “@everyone” to notify all members of a category.

If that’s not an option, I was thinking to compile programmatically or manually a list of participants in the Community and contributors in OSM, and then send emails manually from my own account.

Would that be considered spam?