Is there a map with images (from image tag)?


is there a project which adds images to a map according to the image=* tag? This could look like enabling Panoramio imags in Google Maps. I miss something like this and I think the image tag is under-used.

So you want to make a mashup of OSM data and images. Well there’s no default OSM server that can do that, but using OpenLayers you should be able to do that very easy. Just setup a local webserver with OpenLayers to use an OSM tile server as basemap and add images from a local images source. Requires some html and javascript skills though.

Should be no problem for me :wink: Thank you. So let’s start a discussion. Who has some JS/PHP devlopment skills and wants to help building an open Panoramio ?
Would be great to have some contrubtors,


There are lots of ppl with html, php and js skills around, but I assume you won’t find anyone happy to do the programming work for you based on two posts on a forum. To get some you first should post plans, provide a colaborating setup, show a basic working site etc at least. But ofcourse you might be lucky :wink: