Is there a fast way to get condo outlines added into OpenStreetMap?

Eastwood Dr Salisbury NC 28146 (there are also some leading off of Wildwood Dr) on Openstreetmaps. All the surrounding houses, water bodies, etc. are on the map. But none of the condos are.

Bing has the condos mapped.
Bing Maps - 35.652023, -80.451402 (311 Eastwood Dr - the clubhouse/poolhouse) you can also see the other condo units.

GIS Maps -
Owners - Eastwood Village Membership
Condo outlines visible.
(Turn off all the various overlays on the third tab).

How did the Bing info never make it into OpenStreetMap. I know that Google is a no-go.


Hi and welcome to OSM,

adding a link to the area in question is always helpful: OpenStreetMap :wink:
Just copy the URL from your browser.

It looks like the other buildings in the area have been added by user @ _jcaruso. Looking at his changeset the outlines came from some kind of AI-Mapping.

You can add new buildings manually by using the online-editor (iD).

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