Is there a EPSG:27700 tile server for UK Openstreet Mapping on line ?


At the suggestion of users of, I am looking for a tile server for Mapnik/OSM on EPSG:27700 (to replace the OS OpenSpace tiles when daily OS quota is exceeded).

Is one available ?


No, not that I know of. Most tileservers speak only EPSG 900913/3785 - i.e. “like-Google” spherical Mercator, not National Grid.

Thanks Richard - as I expected.

Perhaps you could help to set up a tileserver for OSM using this projection?
This is something which will come up time and time again.

We’re doing the same in NL for our national grid (EPSG:28992).

The same guidelines as for any other tileserver apply, ie needs lots of processing power, disk space, and bandwidth!