Is there a defibrillator icon for Turbo Overpass?

I looked in the three places for an icon for an aed in overpass.
I did not find it.
I need it in several colours.

Please explain a little bit more about what you’re trying to achieve.

Overpass Turbo is a tool for finding OpenStreetMap-data. For example you can find AEDs with this query. It’s main purpose is not to display that data in a particular way or with a particular icon, even though one has a few options to alter with the visual output. Overpass Turbo uses the same mapstyle as, so if the latter does not show icons for AEDs, Overpass Turbo will not either.

Maybe have a look at the OpenAEDMap.
It’s a map that shows the location of AEDs and it uses an icon with different colours. However, I don’t know if you are allowed to use these icons for your own application without permission.

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In order not to make errors, it is better to show the correct icons instead of circles.
I usually work on OSM late at night in an intoxicated state.

This mentions OverPassTurbo having a couple of icon sets. I’m not really sure how they work though. Except it doesn’t sound super intuitive. Another thing you could do besides icons is make the POIs load as different colors depending on the tags and sub-tags. You can kind of see an example of that with how the Name-Suggestion-Index color codes POIs based on if they are mapped with brand tags or not. As another option you might be able to load a different map style then the main one in OverPassTurbo that displays defibrillators. I think you do that by clicking settings, scrolling down to Tile-Server, and entering the URL of the map. I’m not really sure how that works though :man_shrugging: I’m sure there’s other ways you could do it. I thought there was another way to load custom icons besides how it’s done in the first link but I can’t find how to do it :slightly_frowning_face:

I presume you are using MapCSS to style your output. The maki defibrillator icon doesn’t seem to have been moved into the PNG set. It might be worth askng for that to be done on the maki Github project.

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That was actually my question =
Who wants to do the change request in Github ?
Do not forget I want colours, or can I fix that myself in CSS ? , I think I tried to do that but I could not change the colour of the cup of coffee.

For what it’s worth, OverPass seems to render SVG’s OK and can use ones at arbitrary URLs (e.g. here). Unfortunately the shield properties mentioned in the MapCSS draft spec listed here either seem not to be supported at all in the OverPassTurbo implementation or just don’t work with icons.