Is there a better tag here than surface=rubber_mat?

What would be a good surface tag for footbridge made of a rubber mat?

surface=rubber seems poor as it was used for various rubber-based surface. For example for elastic playground surfaces.

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I can’s see a reason why in such rare cases the surface tag should not reflect the material used OTG for the surface, here “rubber”. What I can see on the pic is simply a rubber** mat so I think surface=rubber is fine.

** Probably the mat is not of real rubber but of some other kind of elastic compound but as it looks like rubber, walks like rubber and quacks like rubber I’d tag it as rubber.

Btw. there was a similar issue here for a beach track covered with a plastic mat.

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I assume the material, the rubber mat originally comes from a conveyor belt.

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You are right, for sure it is. Anyhow I’d still stick to surface=rubber because surface=conveyor_belt sounds kind of weird to me … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tagged as surface=rubber rubber=mat wikimedia_commons=File:Gumowa mata jako nawierzchnia kładki.jpg highway=path bridge=yes layer=1

Oh, you answered question that I had and not asked! Thanks.

Likely one that was in a farming equipment.

And is anyway composite, with some fiberlike material in it to keep it more resistant.

But yes, I am using duck test here.


I just wanted to explain what it is to show in case someone doesn’t recognize it.

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Just to avoid any doubt - I am really happy that you shared this knowledge :slight_smile: