Is the relation for the Vinschgau cycle path in South Tyrol missing?

Hi, I am planning a bike tour through South Tyrol and I noticed in some places that the road contains “Vinschgauer Radweg - Pista ciclabile della Val Venosta” in the name tag, but there is no relation. Before I now create this from scrath, I wanted to ask if this (for what must be a very popular bike route) does not exist or I just can not find it because I do not search in Italian.
Also here, this does not seem to be listed: Italy/Ciclovie - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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actually it’s not mapped. I see that the relation #9509845 “Cycle 2: Reschen => Bolzano” follows almost all the same route, so probably you can start from a copy of it.

Thank you for confirmation!
I’ve created a new relation here Relation: ‪Vinschger Radweg‬ (‪15352243‬) | OpenStreetMap

So far no errors in the relation: OSM Relation Analyzer - Vinschger Radweg

Is there anything else to add to the relation that it will be shown at Waymarked Trails? Like color, symbol, short name?

P.S.: I’ve also renamed the relation you linked to the “official name”:

I unfortunately do not live there, so I’m not able to check for any posted sign. Briefly looked also at Mapillary but without success (apart of generic brown signs that say Meran beside a bike icon).
Hope some other mappers can have a look.

Anyway I believe that the relation should have name tag with double language just to match local rules (and also some other tags like description:it)

Thanks! I’ve added the name and description for german, italian and english.
There is no dedicated signpost just for this route as far as I know. The entire bike path from Lake Resia to at least Bolzano (I’ve never gone further myself) is only equipped with these brown metal or wooden signs.

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