Is Tesla using OSM via MapBox, Valhalla?

Here are some user posts and news articles suggesting Tesla has switched to using OSM via MapBox and Valhalla for its navigation in April 2018. If true, this is huge. Why don’t I see more about it in the news and on OSM sites, such as this forum or the Wiki? Is this too well known, not true, or just not that interesting?

I’ll tell you why it’s a very interesting topic.

Here Tesla owners are reporting an issue with “shadow braking”, which is a nickname they gave to the phenomenon of Tesla Autopilot (a fancy name for Tesla’s traffic-aware cruise control) tending to brake unexpectedly as if spooked by a shadow of a truck or a bridge.

Eventually, they zeroed in on a theory (though not all accepted it as fact) that Tesla Autopilot gets confused by the missing speed limits. If a car is traveling on a traffic -free road with 65 mph speed limit, within a user-selected allowance, say +5 mph, and hits a stretch where the speed limit is not set, the Autopilot will default to 45 mph + 5pmh, and the car will abruptly reduce speed from 70mph to 50mph.

From the few reports the users provided I can certainly see sections of the freeway in San Diego where speed limit is missing on OSM.

If indeed, Tesla relies on OSM speed limits, and if their software is that naive, then this offers a huge room for improvement. By individual OSM editors, some of which will be newly recruited from the ranks of Tesla owners, and by Tesla.

I just want to make sure I am not chasing shadows.

Well played, sir. Well played.

Not sure if they are. There is some anecdotal evidence that Tesla is using it for Smart Summon.

I have created a MoreTesla feature request, asking Tesla to use OpenStreetMap for everything.

Regardless of Tesla’s use or non-use of OSM, that sounds like something we should fix. I know the freeways that I use going through San Diego (city and county) are all tagged with maxspeed. I guess I’ll need to plan a different way though there next time I am in the general area to pick up some untagged areas.

Looks like the old ITO speed limits page no longer exists. Anyone know a current OSM quality assurance tool to point to the areas with missing speed limits?

Found this map…

And the OpenStreetMap Wiki page on Speed Limits…

You can do that sort of thing in Overpass Turbo fairly easily. is one example - move the map to look at different areas and change the search from “highway=motorway” to search for other road types.

Checkautopista was and is useful for me…
Checks a lot of tags in motorways (and other highways too)

Good one. What also would be a good QC tool is one that checks for gaps in maxspeed. E.g. if you have ways A-B-C-D and A, B and D have a maxspeed and C does not then that is flagged.

Just found this question. It is looking more and more like the answer is yes. I have started to catalog findings on the OpenStreetMap Wiki Tesla Talk page.