Is surface=verdichtet always surface=compacted?

is surface=verdichtet always surface=compacted?

Can it be safely retagged without local knowledge? Or is it better to make note asking local mappers to handle it?


I think about 90% were created by @AymOSM? Maybe ask directly?

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After random samples looks like iD translation Problem?!


If in the german iD version you choose the option “verdichtet” for a track surface the tag will read surface=compacted. You have to type “verdichtet” manually into the list of properties to upload it like that and I don’t know why someone would choose this option.

Nevertheless I believe anyone doing so may probably not be aware of the meaning of verdichtet=compacted as described in the wiki. One can understand a track over a grassy surface hardened by regular use (and dry conditions) or similar as verdichtet. A general retagging could easily lead to bad results if you don’t know the local conditions imho.

Imho yes.

But to inform the mapper ( @whb mentioned ) in one changeset would be good so that there will be no more of this tagging in future.