Is OSM currently get hacked?

Has someone the same problem that random streets appear on your canvas and one says …

Moderator edit: I’ve removed the offensive text and graphics from this post.

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  1. please, edit out slurs from your post - there is no need to repeat whatever was posted this time by this vandal

  2. you can follow Browser cache - OpenStreetMap Wiki

  3. see The "OSM Standard tile layer" looks wrong (white lines, abusive comments etc.) - #12 by SomeoneElse (this vandal become active again, edits are reverted but various cache needs to be updated)

To answer question: yes, there was a vandal attack. Whether it counts as “hacked”? Not really, though definitional game does not change much.

I have come across the same vandalism. Can someone please advise how to remove/edit?

When I select edit, the altered roads are not editable.

Your help is appreciated.

Same issue in hungarian cities: