Is Lambertus alive?

If Oxilion policies are not too strict and they can trust somebody else than Lambertus himself (which may be the problem), it should be technically possible to extract all the data even without the passwords having physical access to a server. I guess disc is not encrypted, since it would prevent booting without human intervention.

I do! Iam still hopeful that all the discussions are senseless and we can manage it together with Lambertus :slight_smile:

But I would like to have a kind of deadline, because there were several attempts to contact Lambertus in the last months. It looks like holidays in Netherlands ends in early september.

We should still discuss if we want new software (sub-national forums would be great!) and prepare new server and management team, so the planning phase may start now, even without him. I also believe deadline is a good thing to have.

There are a lot of ideas that could/should be included in a future forum. But there are also legitimate concerns why a new software could make it worse. Its not an easy to make decision and I think its important to have some time and collect opinions and ideas about that. So I propose not to start planning too much but discuss about the pros and cons of different possibilities.
As I said, there is already a discussion ongoing in the German forum, maybe you would like to start one in the Polish forum too? I tried not to ask about plans or problems but what everyone likes and miss in the current forum and if they would like to have a new software

Sure, that’s what I meant - this is very broad topic and it gives us some time before taking any action, however it would be safe to start making fresh HTML backups now.

I prefer to proceed with main discussion in English (here or on the Talk list), since it’s international problem.

yes true, but I worry that some people wont participate, so I would like to collect opinions in national forums too

I always try to inform the people about every bigger issue, so no worry. =}

just for your information: there is a chance that one of the osm sysadmins has the credentials for the current server. But he cant check until late next week. So we will see.

FYI, one of the Dutch community members was in contact with the hosting provider and they can access the machine as well.

mh, thats a little bit strange, isn’t it a private server of Lambertus? Should we really do that? Of course, there wont be any different if someone still has the credentials, but I wont feel very good with that kind of “backdoor”.

Hakuch and Escada, aren’t you speaking about the same person, Stefan, who has access to the server?
As far as I know the forum is hosted by Oxilion, which is not a private server of Lambertus.

I dont think so, the one I was talking about is one of the OSM sysadmins, and he just believes to still have the credentials somewhere. Escadas contact seems to be a person in the oxilion team.

Its not? I thought Oxilion is a normal hoster and Lambertus rents a server there?! But yes, its definitely hosted by oxilion on

But anyway, I propose just to wait till end of week if the sysadmin has the credentials. Would be the best way (as long as Lambertus doesnt show up).
But maybe escada, you can get more infos about the legal owner status of the server?

As far as I know Oxilion is sponsoring the hosting of several OSM projects.
You have to ask Stefan, he knows more about it.

Now that the arbitrary period of vacations is over, what is the situation like? Has Oxilion been contacted?

just a short notice: OWG has a limited access to the server and can dump the DB and hopefully the files. But there is even new ways to contact lambertus. If it does not work, OWG wants to try to contact him again and start acting after 4 weeks without response.

Four weeks have passed. Has he responded?

Not that I know. But I’ve heard he is still alive :slight_smile: only too busy to manage this forum.

Does anybody here knows what’s going on with more details? I can guess some things, but I would feel more comfortable if I just know.

Now I feel better - there’s a link to message on the forum:

Hi all,

Just spotted this thread. I am Grant. I’m part of the OSM Operations Working Group (aka sysadmins).

We have access to the existing Oxilion account hosting this forum, including the database.

On Saturday we are going to move the forum to dedicated hardware we manage. Bringing the hosting “in-house” means we can manage using our configuration management code (chef), monitoring and easily enable HTTPS on the site. The server specs are here:

We have already tested a migration, it can be viewed here: ANYTHING CHANGED HERE WILL BE LOST WHEN WE DO THE REAL MIGRATION ON SATURDAY!.

We were able to make contact with Lambertus and he is OK with the migration.

Kind regards,