Is Lambertus alive?


Does anyone have personal contacts with Lambertus?

Is he still in position to act as forum admin?

Good question, I haven’t seen him here online for a while. Seems he still updates his garmin maps though…

I don’t know him personally but had contact with him two month before because of the forum situation. But then lost it again. I proposed him to start a working group to take care for the forum and he wanted to think about. I tried to contact him again last month but didn’t get an answer, I guess he is stucked with other work.

I still would like to follow that working-group idea, but Lambertus voice should be part of this.

I have moved this topic to the feedback section, maybe Lambertus can comment on this?

An opportunity to set up a new, better Forum based on Discourse.

I think its not the time to throw in suggestions of new forum softwares. First it would be neccessary to find a new forum team that can take care and then decides if the current software should be continued using or what new software could be tried

Is Lambertus the only one who can add forums? Does no one else have any access to the forums?

The discussion about Lambertus being inaccessible is going on Talk list for a month already and the current outcome is that new server installation is very possible (with the data from current forum harvested via HTML, as we have no fresh backups available):

That would be a chance to upgrade to a better forum software:

Maybe could you ask on talk-nl and the dutch forum if somebody knows anything from Lambertus?


Done, see

I’ve posted it also on Dutch forum:

I wonder whether we could give a tip to the Weekly team. Maybe any of the readers would know anything.

Sure, especially hinting that we’re preparing to phase 2 (server migration), could you let them know? However it was already mentioned in #313 (Community section):

I was thinking along the lines of a big-ass headline or something. God. I still can’t believe it’s for real.
Can’t we ask whoever physically hosts the server to contact Lambertus?

Someone already tries an analog way of making contact, maybe its working.

Host of the server is:, if you want you can try to contact oxilion. Maybe its working somehow? Don’t know, would be better in dutch.

I have asked Stefan de Konink, who manages (?) the domain and knows people from Oxilion.
He would be able to help with the migration but first let’s wait after the holidays for further steps.

interesting! When holiday ends? What means to help with migration? Do you think he could manage to get the db-data without having a contact to Lambertus? I would like to have the data, but I would not like to support that kind of acting :slight_smile:

just for your information, there is an exchange of ideas and views going on in the german forum about the forum in general and the question if a new software could be helping or could be troubling. I would like to start an exchange like that in english-speaking forum too, but didn’t have the time yet.

Let us wait and give Lambertus time to respond, maybe he is on holiday. Stefan has the know-how to access the data from Oxilion, I dont know if/when he is willing to help and in what way but in case there is no response from Lambertus, you could contact him (he is also on this forum).