Is Kartaview Dead?

So… I’ve been checking out Mapillary and Kartaview to gauge their usefulness as a tool for what I may want to do. I came across a Github post that suggested traffic sign detection is no longer available in the U.S…

That thread spans June 2020 to March 2022. Is this the current state of affairs? Or is it outdated information?

Overall, just playing around with Kartaview… It has the feel of an abandoned project. No forum or support that I can find. No built in way to upload sequences taken from other devices (i.e. GoPro). Etc., Etc. Anybody have any information on Kartaview’s current state of affairs or insight into whether it’s worth one’s time contributing to it?

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Good question.

The latest KartaView Android app and iOS app releases are both from May this year. The KartaView GitHub projects haven’t been updated in quite some time (GitHub - kartaview/android: Android app for collecting KartaView imagery, GitHub - kartaview/ios: iOS app for collecting KartaView data, GitHub - kartaview/upload-scripts: Uploader tools for KartaView). So either development is really slow or has halted completely.

Kartaview has some issues like - it only shows images snapped to a road. If you are going by bike or on a track, the image is there but its not visible on the main page.

I am generating images with a Action cam like setup and then use linux command line tools to upload the images to both e.g. mapillary AND Kartaview.


Karta sometimes looks pretty empty but when you open it in the josm plugin all the images are there.


Concerning the upload scripts - Look here:

Yes. I’ve seen that. Seems a simple web interface or a simple desktop tool (similar to Mapillary) for this function would be preferable to asking users to deal with running python scripts.

My 2 cents anyway…

How much interest would there be in something like this?
Is there any way to determine roughly how many people upload images from their desktop (as opposed to the mobile phone)?
Is uploading to both platforms actually useful or would it be better to choose one of the two and stick with it; or in other terms: is one of the two objectively better as to make the other one useless?

I compared mapillary and kartaview here:äufer/Straßenfotos

The main reason for me to upload to both platforms is that kartaview will display the images a few minutes after uploading.

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Hello all,
I have been interested to know what are the plans for future for Kartaview, in order to know if teaching its use, and giving an alternative to Mapillay with new mappers. I have started a direct conversation with Kartaview people at Grab, and will submit the questions that the community has (specifically LATAM OSM communities but please, ask all your questions here).


You could ask them when street/traffic sign detection/identification is going to be reenable for places like the U.S…

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