Is it possible to view natural features only?

Hello OSM forums

OpenStreetMap has several “Map Layers” options to view for example cycle paths, transport options, or just everything. One option I am lacking is the option to just view natural features, like where the land is and where the water is. I am also lacking a clear and easy way to tell land and water apart with image manipuilation programs: not all water is the same colour, for example, and there are lines all over it.

Is there a way to disable these features to get a plain land-or-water map of the world? Perhaps in other clients than the browser version?

Thank you for your answers
and type

out body;
out skel qt;

That would not show multipolygon relations.

I have tried this, but it only seems to select the items. How do I delete them?

Ah wait, this selects the natural features? How do I only show them on the export image?

Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly. My goal is to get a blank map, in 2 solid colours, where one colour is water and the other is land. How do I do this?