Is it possible to upload to Kartaview from PC?


I’m looking for a bit of advice on uploading to Kartaview from my PC. I’ve tried the command-line tools with no success (I allow Openauth authetication of Kartaview but the command-line tool doesn’t recognise it’s been authenticated, so it gives up).

I currently contribute from my Android device through the app, but I have much better images available that I’d like to contribute. Does anyone have recent experience of uploading from PC to Kartaview? If so, what method do you use?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Just to add, this has been fixed today!! Great news! Command Line tools were upgrated to OAuth 2. Thank you to all those involved in fixing it.

Just to add, I tested this on Windows 11 command line.

GitHub - kartaview/upload-scripts: Uploader tools for KartaView if you are using Linux