Is it possible to search for specific tags by a specific user?


I am still very new to editing OSM. I started learning about tags through StreetComplete and in my initial fervour made a few mistakes. I’ve now read a bit more on various tags in the wiki and like to review my changes and correct when necessary.

As an example I used building=garages on several buildings in my area. After reviewing building:garage and building:garages I am now convinced they were meant to be the former as they clearly belong to the same household but just have multiple cars inside. How can I list all my tags in the last few days and bulk edit them?

In this particular case, I’d search for all the building=garages locally and then add your user name to the search. Because I’m lazy, I often create overpass turbo queries from taginfo rather than typing them in or looking up the syntax on the wiki. If you search for building=garages at taginfo you’ll get this page and clicking “overpass turbo” there takes you here. If I then comment out “node” and “relation”, move to the area of interest and add your name to the search I get this query, which sounds like what you want for this question.

As there are only 8 here it wouldn’t be too much of a chore to do them in whatever editor you’re familiar with, but as @grin mentioned the JOSM editor supports overpass queries internally and the workflow of “making the same tag change several times” is very streamlined.


Possibly the best way is to use a combination of JOSM (as the editor) and Overpass Turbo, since the latter can search for larger areas and forward the results to the former for editing. Generally OverpassTurbo can send the results by using Export → Data → Load data into an OSM editor.

JOSM gives possibility to edit them individually or all of them, and helps checking whether it’s okay to upload after.

For more experienced editors Level0 may work as well but I wouldn’t suggest to use that at beginner level.

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