Is it possible to render surfaces on farmyards in F4Demo?


I’m mapping both in 2D an 3D, and I’m checking my work in F4Demo.

In general F4Demo renders many types of surfaces on different areas. Unfortunately surfaces on farmyard are an exception as they are not rendered. As far as I can see but maybe I’m wrong?

Does someone have a solution to this?

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What is meant by this? “Landuse=farmyard” is shown light grey.
Always remember that we do not map for the renderer.

I agree on not mapping just for having “a nice” rendering in 2D.

I’m referring to 3D mapping where rendering of areas is a feature in F4Demo. This appeals to me as a micromapper.

Some examples here (compacted, paving stones, asphalt):

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Sorry, but mapping steps as roof IS mapping for the renderer: Way: 965119265 | OpenStreetMap

Yes. Should have been “building” with “building_parts” even though it was easier to draw it as small roofs… I’ll have to look at it again.

No. Because steps are not buildings. See area:highway=steps too.
F4 does not currently support rendering for stair details. So all you can do is asking F4 to do it - or to map for the renderer.

But I have not yet understood your actual question about the surfaces. Which surface is not shown? Could you link the specific element?

Well, there are doorsteps and steps on a footpath.

In my opinion doorsteps are part of the building to which they are connected. I will map these in 3D.

Steps on a footpath or similar is definitely not to be mapped. It would be mapping for the renderer without any practical use or meaning.

Here is one example of farmyard surface not showing up. It’s more or less futile to tag farmyards with different surfaces, as it doesn’t show up i F4Demo. The tag is correct but it has no meaning when it’s not rendered, or…?

Should I drop the surface tag completely on farmyards? What do you think?

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Maybe, but it’s not common in OSM. See Wiki.
I agree with you that it is not a good idea to use only footprints, as Wiki says. I prefer the roof as a reference.

It doesn’t matter what I think about it. You’re going to keep doing it anyway. I don’t need these details and prefer to use an aerial photograph. Personally, I am also critical of the comprehensive details for private property.

Please read the Wiki about landuse=residential. It’s not only the paved area between building and garden: Relation: 8778948 | OpenStreetMap :cry:
You use landuse tag to describe surface (or to see it on F4). Even that’s tagging for the renderer.


Edit: See second opinion

OK. Now I see yout problem with landuse and surface not rendered:
You misunderstood landuse as a surface Relation: 10814548 | OpenStreetMap
Landuse never have a single surface, because it’s a general tag. Landuse farmyard is ALL, even the land under the buildings and the private garden. Surface is never proper to landuse.

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Thanks for the answers. Good points!