Is it possible to render direction arrows on a path?

Neither Open Street Map, nor Open Cycle Map, render the directional arrows on Mountain Bike Trails near me, though they are tagged as oneway=yes. Is there something that could be done to get the direction arrows rendered and prominently displayed?

This relation shows an example:



As the paths seem also to be allowed for use by pedestrians (who dont go one way round) this would be inappropriate on the general cartography (although you could post an issue on github). OpenCycleMap is not open source & is owned & maintained by gravitystorm so you would need to get in touch with him directly.

Another possible source is lonvia’s waymarkedtrails:!42.6931!-84.6148

BUT, and it’s a big but: I dont see any oneway or oneway:mtb tags on these!

Thanks for your help.

Before filing an issue, I wanted to make sure the trail was tagged correctly. Looking at all of the ways, in the West Lansing Trail relation, they are all tagged “oneway=yes”. Maybe, you looked at the trail to the west of the river, which I have yet to tidy up.

I will definitely have to look more into Thanks for the lead.

Wasn’t aware of OpenCycleMap being closed source. As folks seem to use it and it it highlights the trail well, they still might be worth pursuing.

I’ve never come across a one way street where the pedestrians can only walk in the same direction as the traffic, so having something that is one way to cycles but both way to pedestrians doesn’t seem unreasonable.

@hadw Oneway footpaths definitely exist: .

I think my point was that OSM does render one way markings on roads where the pedestrians are allowed to go in both directions, so why not also on cycleways.

And what if, cycylists and pedestrians were supposed to traverse this trail in the same direction?

It is signed directionally for bicycles and nothing mentioned about direction for pedestrians But I doubt many pedestrains will every look at, and certainly would not be bound by, the arrows on OSM.

@treestryder It would certainly be posssible to render oneway information on cycleways (and footways), but the only OSM renderer that I’m aware of that shows it is on Garmin handhelds.

For OSM’s “standard” renderer the issue seems to be this one: . The Humanitarian layer has its own separate tracker, and the other two aren’t developed in public in the same way.

If you want to create your own version of the “standard” layer that shows oneway arrows better (or at all) then it’s not that difficult - shows you how to set up a server with the “standard” style on it, and contains a wealth of information about modifying that style to do different things.

Thanks. i will give those links a look.

I said it wrong, earlier, why I am hoping Mapnik would render the arrows for pedestrians, is as a caution to them, not as a restriction.