Is it possible to remove updates to object without trace?

I am updating quite a large area and I have feeling that someone is folloving my edits and removes them.

When I check suspected object history, it has no trace of any recent edits but I may bet I edited it.

Or I am going crazy of to much hours spent editing map?

Is there a way to remove or revert edits from map without any trace?

no, there isn’t - execpt for system admins.

please tell us the IDs of some “lost” or changed objects. you can see them in your changeset history.


Even redaction leaves a trace.

I do note that your changeset comments are in, I guess, Serbian (certainly Cyrillic), but you are mapping parts of Kosovo (which uses the Latin alphabet, and has a bad history with Serbia). Even if your edits are perfectly legitimate, and don’t to relate any place whose status is disputed, it does put you at high risk of a Kosovan nationalist removing them. The one I’m looking at has your adding a Serbian name to an administrative district. Whilst that is perfectly legitimate, it may enrage Kosovan nationalists.

If this is the problem, as noted above, you first need to identify the object that is being changed, and from that the changeset and user that made the change. If this is politically motivated, it is probably best to go direct to the Data Working Group, although normally you would leave a changeset comment requesting an explanation, or correction, first.

You have created a very large number of changesets, recently so there is too much for me to go through to try to work out which object is at issue. However, one other thought is that you might have added a Serbian place name, as the primary name, for some place. Given the recent history, I would be surprised if there were any place name signs in Serbian in Kosova, and that is what determines the name that is used as the primary name.

(If I were a Kosovan nationalist, I would be more concerned that the English, rather than Kosovan, name has been used for the country itself, in the is_in:country tag!)

(Also, although I haven’t translated the changeset comments, you need to use longer and more specific ones.)

Well, yes I am aware of delicate situation and I am paying lot of attention to do everything by the book.

As I made lot of updates it is hard to follow. Now when most of the work is done I expect it to be easier to spot eventual removals. Actually I do not care what happens with name tags, but name:sr tags should not be vandalized. In some objects editing history I noticed few Albanian nationalists did vandalize them, but it was quite small number easy to fix and not to bother. I hope it will stay that way.

For now, it is good to know that name:sr tags cannot be vandalized without trace.

About name tag. Even by laws of (non existing) Republic of Kosovo, Serbian and Albanian languages are equal and must be used on all signs equally. When you check Google map, that is exactly how they did on maps (they show both Serbian and Albanian names). In OSM, name tags on Kosovo and Metohija are set against OSM rules forcing exclusively Albanian language. SO, msot of the places have Serbian names but are forcefully albanized to fulfill their agenda. Even for places where only Serbian live and where only Serbian is used for signs, they force Albanian on OSM.

However, I am not keen to fight Albanian nationalists. I just want to provide information in Serbian language for those that need them, and especially for Serbian people who survived on Kosovo and Metohija.

Saying things like “non existing” is unlikely to be helpful. With a DWG hat on I’ve spent a lot of time trying to ensure that the “name” tags used throughout Kosovo reflect the primary on-the-ground language used - including ensuring that Serbian communities within Kosovo could see a local map in their language too

No-one should be “forcing Albanian on OSM”. If you see an example where a name used by the local community has been changed to a different one please report it to the Data Working Group - it’s a clear violation of the “on the ground” rule as described in . Places like will be tricky though as it includes both Albanian-majority-speaking and Serbian-majority-speaking areas.

In the past I’ve defended the name of having both name:sr and name:sq on pretty much in Kosovo, as pretty much every place will have both names (and often more) for historical reasons.

That is official status of Kosovo i Metohija. By international agreement, it is not recognized as a country, but got special status within Serbia until agreements and decisions of its final status are made. That is on going process which is going hard and slow as both Serbian and Albanian side have strong claims and expectations.

By international agreement, when Kosovo name is used it must have asterisk and note that explains that status. Even that is not fulfilled in OSM.

I am not sure what you have done. Until now, when few of us took time and extensive effort to provide Serbian language for map of Kosovo and Metohija, existence of name:sr tags was just minor and symbolic. Even now, when name_sr is populated, it is still unusable for Serbian people as there is no rendered map that displays map using name:sr tags.

Exactly - but it is forced.

There is obviously no Serbian language in name tags in Kosovo and Metohija OSM map, not even in areas where population is 100% Serbian and where Albanian language is not used at all. Name tag is exclusively reserved for Albanian names (which are actually Serbian names but albanized, as Albanians do not have their names for vast majority of places in Kosovo and Metohija).

Both laws of Serbia and Kosovo clearly state that all signs must contain both Serbian and Albanian language. Regardless of that, OSM shows exclusively Albanian language.

When, in some past, we tried to fix that and make both languages equal on OSM map, as they should be, we got clear warning from OSM administration that Serbian language in name tag is not allowed and that anyone who tries to add it there will be banned from OSM.

Kosovo in OSM is not named as defined by international agreements but as Albanians like to cal it. Borders are not marked as international agreements defined but, again, as Albanians like them.

And you say is not forced?

Exactly, that was situation while Kosovo i Metohija was part of Yugoslavia and also while it is in Serbia, and even if it gains its independence already made laws say both languages must be used equally. Albanian language was never used as only language on signs. If there are Albanian only signs in Kosovo and Metohija, that is clearly against even their laws. But, in in OSM map, only Albanian language is used in name tag.

That said, I already stated that, right now, I do not care about name tag. I care about name:sr tag not to be vandalized. I posted plain technical question and that is all I asked about.

I did not even have intention to discuss this topics you brought up. I responded for the sole reason that your claims are seriously wrong and it should not stay uncovered for people who eventually stumble upon them.