Is it possible to receive automated alerts for mapping features that require checking?

Hi, all.

From time to time, I check the ID editor, to see whether I can see any map areas that need attention. Usually this is somewhere local to me, or a place I have an interest in. I will look for things like out of date tags (just one example). If I find any discrepancies, I carry out a survey, before making any edits.

I don’t use Overpass, but am wondering whether it is possible to use a tool for alerting me to areas that may need attention. I have attached a screenshot, of a village in North Yorkshire (Bedale), as an example. You can see from the screenshot, that a few points need to be checked. I’d like to be able to run a scheduled check (daily?) of an area (village name?), that would check for certain criteria (eg out of date tags) and then email me to tell me that zero or more results had been found.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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Perhaps Streetcomplete? That has the advantage that (as you’re planning to survey before fixing anyway) you can fix as you survey.


Not email, but RSS is possible with osm qa feeds, which I use to ‘monitor’ my hometown. @tyr_asd‘s tool generates feeds for Osmose and KeepRight issues.


And even without the feeds Osmose, KeepRight (and other QA tools) are very helpful in scanning a certain area from time to time to identify questionable objects on one glance.

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Maybe it is possible to automate JOSM to count validator errors in area X? It would be more useful than Osmose that very often produces spurious warnings.

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Hi, Andy.

Yes, the problem is that StreetComplete doesn’t know about deprecated tags, etc. It is great at collecting missing information, but can’t do this, if it doesn’t know the information is missing.



Thanks, habi. I’m going to give this a go, and have added some reports to my RSS feeder.

Thanks, everybody.


That’s a feature not a bug, because most “deprecated tags” actually aren’t.

To explain in more detail, there are some genuine cases when it makes sense to change tags on an object. “highway=ford” on ways was one such - “ford=yes” is better because you can then say what sort of highway the ford is on. Unfortunately most “deprecated tags” (e.g. whatever the parcel locker tagging is supposed to be this week, various recent historic “updates”**) are replaced by exactly equivalent ones, and changing those not only wastes the time of the people editing the wiki page and the data, but of people trying to consume the data too.

** there have been a couple of examples recently when I only spotted these tag changes when objects literally disappeared off the map.

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StreetComplete knows about several deprecated tags and asks for detail where existing tagging is unclear.

I would add more if it would be technically possible, and would be a aware of them.

Issues · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub is a good place to propose ones where SC can help by retagging things based on user survey - though ones requiring geometry changes or editing multiple object at once are not feasible )

Cases where 1:1 replacement is possible are doable by bot and in many cases not needed in the first place.

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Hi, Mateusz.

Please forgive me, if my comment came across as a criticism, it wasn’t meant to; the work you do I great.

I think I opened a feature request, a few years ago, but it was closed… I’ll have to check. I thought bits/ automated edits were banned, unless they had been approved at a higher level.

As I say, I’ll check my original SC feature request.

Thanks, again.


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Yes, some feature requests are rejected - but large part gets implemented.

I am definitely not promising that all ideas will be used, but I think that StreetComplete is above average for software in how many ideas are used (partially because reports are quite good) and rejected ideas are at least rejected, not waiting in limbo (note 81 open compared to 4444 closed - that is really good for issue tracker - and note that no automatic rejection bots are in use).

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