Is it possible to convert *.mp or garmin *.img to *

Hi there!

I’ve recently discovered that the New Zealand OpenGPS Project provides maps of NZ as *.img for garmin. They also provide the source as *.mp files for download. The use is completely free an legal, as everyone may read at their homepage

I’d like to use these maps instead of the OSM New Zealand maps because they are far more detailed as reported by many users who tried both. Probem is I don’t own a garmin device (and have no plan to…) so I want to use it on my Android device, in the * format (vector map for use with locus pro).

Anyone here know how to convert the *img to *, or the *mp files (these files have to be merged before I think, because there are different regions and the POIs stored in different files - something I also don’t know how to do) to a single * file.

It should be a simple way, I don’t have too much computer skills…

I found one way for converting *.mp to .osm for now, but the tool (mp2osm) is not abailable for download and can handle 50.000 knots only - whatever that means, don’t know if this is enough.
The second step is to use osmosis with map-writer plugin. (
.osm to *
But: Reading the introduction to both osmosis and map-writer plugin, I think this nothing I could do on my own… :frowning:

So, if anyone can help me, don’t hesitate… :slight_smile:


You are asking in an OSM forum how to NOT use OSM? … Hmmm

You can try Oruxmaps, it can read the garmin img format :slight_smile: