Is it difficult to make the display of received messages in OSM more visible?

I did a search to see if anyone else had a similar thought to mine, but didn’t find it.

Is there any way to make the messages sent to me from the OSM map site (not fourm here) more visible?
Many editors don’t seem to be aware that messages are being sent to them.
There was also a case where I also found out about the message that came to me after a while.

How about moving the display of received messages to the side of the profile or menu?
Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 18-08-49 Inbox OpenStreetMap

why it would make it more visible?

That’s a good question that I haven’t explained enough yet.

First, as I wrote above, many people don’t even notice receiving messages (I’ve had that too).

The second is to improve communication.
OSM’s users don’t necessarily overlap with forums or wikis.
It also does not overlap with other communication channels.
As a result, there are many people who edit without interacting or communicating with others, and among them, there are people who use non-agreed methods, but there is no way to contact them.

If communication goes well, even by message in OSM, it will be much more advantageous to improve editing quality, communicate and bond.

Just in case, I would like to add that, please do not think based on the area where there are many contributors and communication is good.

A colour change of the box where the (private) message counter shows would help for ID editor / the OSM web page when logged in. For JOSM it’s even less. when this editor is opened or when you’re in session, a brief pop up box appears left bottom and then it’s gone, certainly not aware of how in JOSM one can see if there are PM’s. A quick web search did not reveal anything to me if possible. Would not mind if a small box in the status bar would show like PM:0 and it changing colour when there is, OR only show when there are actually unread messages.

I’m sorry. I was a little bit wrong.
It is confirmed that it is displayed.
Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 19-08-32 오픈스트리트맵
(Of course, I still wish it was a little more noticeable, but…)

So, why do people not respond when they receive a message?

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  1. they may be no longer editing

  2. they fail to notice notification

  3. they ignore notification

  4. message does not require response, or they think so

  5. they have no idea how to respond

  6. they prefer to not respond

If someone was contacted to stop damage and they edit and ignore message and changeset comments - write to DWG, they can put message that must be read before editing (0 hour block)

and maybe iD editor can show info about message in a more prominent way, JOSM, StreetComplete, Vespucci do it already.


That’s another 64,000 dollar question. I’d not mind if the system actually feeds back to the sender if the receiver read the message.

Thank you, both of you, for your comments.

I’m going to mark this thread as resolved because I’ve seen the incoming message.

However, if there is still a way to make it more prominent, please do so.