Is anyone from AllTrails here?

Hello - Andy from OSM’s Data Working Group here.

Over the years we’ve had a few issues raised, often to do with the representation of “private” roads, tracks and paths on maps. That (I believe since OSM US’ Trails Working Group has helped them understand what is in OSM data a little more clearly) has improved greatly. Unfortunately, we’re still seeing people contacting AllTrails Support and then coming to the DWG, either because of some other issue in AllTrails’ data, or because communication failed to occur between them and AllTrails’ support people.

If anyone from AllTrails (especially anyone managing their support people) is able to get in touch, please email with a subject line of “[Ticket#2023113010000129] AllTrails”.

Finally - for the avoidance of doubt - this isn’t a dig at anyone within either OSM or AllTrails - dealing with this sort of request is really difficult, and the resources available to pay for first-line support within commercial organisations are very limited. The reason that I’m posting this here is that a “failure to communicate” has left someone believe that OpenStreetMap is at fault, when in this case it isn’t.


I know the AT team via OSM US Trails Working Group. Just sent them a ping to help us out with this, Andy.

Thanks (actually, I’d already cc:ed them on the DWG ticket).

Edit: and someone has now been in touch and promised to fix the problem data