Is 3D OSM available on Android?


I am new here and I am trying to start a project with this incredible product.
I was wondering if the 3D view can be used on Android, I have tried to research quite a lot and nothing seems to lead to that direction.

Is it just because it is not possible?

Thanks in advance,


Hi N3sh, AFAIK currently is no client available to real 3D OSM data, the only software are navis that use a 2.5D perspective or SRTM Height dataset to display OSM.
It might be possible that GLOSM would be ported to some mobile platforms, somedays

I believe also 2.5D would interesting.

Is there anything out there? :slight_smile:
I have checked that wikipage, I couldnt find much.

If anyone, has info about this, please feel free to post them :wink:

As we talking about software for endusers, please look at this page (Map Display Features->3D)

What do you mean by ‘enduser’? I am developing an application… I am looking for renderers/libraries for doing such using OSM data.