ip blocked


it seems that my ip ( is blocked

when i access my web application the map does not show up,

i try the http://www.openstreetmap.org/directions, and the same problem the map not show up.

Please you can remove my IP ADDRESS from your list of the blocked IPs.



You should contact with the proper administrators. If I understand your problem, it’s most probably about WWW:


The system seems to be overloaded at the moment. Are you sure you are being blocked?

If you are being blocked, it could be that your ISP as a whole is being blocked by one of the ISPs involved in hosting the map tiles.

Incidentally, I assume what you are failing to access is the map tiles, and not the map itself.

Since you write “my web application”, in case you made a web application using the tile from openstreetmap.org, you have to be aware that there is a usage policy, perhaps you have violated that ?