Invitation to the State of the Map Europe 2024 in Poland!

The OpenStretMap Poland Association is pleased to invite all members of the community to the State of the Map Europe 2024 conference to be held in Poland. In addition to many interesting presentations and speeches, it will be an opportunity to meet, talk and exchange experiences.

The program of the event is available at:

Tickets can be purchased at the following link: State of the Map Europe 2024 TOBILET.PL


Thanks for the information! It would be really interesting but i already have something that weekend :frowning:

The ticket-System seems to not have a translation, but if i converted correctly, a tricket is about 183 Euro. Additionally "i am checking for something else) it seems its not possible to insert international telephone-numbers with a leading +43.

EDIT: I absolutely love that you have a matrix-room ( just in case ) :slight_smile:

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instead of the + sign, simply put 00

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