Invisible Island

I stumbled upon an island not rendering properly. I have made several attempts to correct this by trying something a little different with each of the three islands that don’t seem to appear on the map.

If anyone could take a look and let me know what is wrong it surely would be appreciated.

On OpenStreetMap Greenspond Island, Pig Island and Ship Island are invisible.

On my tablet using OsmAnd+ Greenspond and Pig islands are visible but Ship Island is invisible.


I have made some corrections for JOSM detected errors. E.g., there were a number of overlapping / duplicated ways. Please note that the updating of coastlines is a slow process, and it may actually take up to a month before you can see the changes (based on some other very similar issue regarding coastline and island I solved quite some time ago).


Thanks, the duplicate ways were me today. I should have posted that here. They were based on a recommendation
Anyway, I’ll wait until after the March updates in the first week of April to see where it stands now.