Invalid wiki tags to Chinese Wikipedia

Hi, I found many incorrect wikipedia/wikidata tags to the wiki in Chinese. They point to “disambiguation pages”. Also, lets discuss the guidelines for wiki tags (see below). Thanks!

My original post to

TLDR: researching ways to validate wikipedia and wikidata tags, wrote a
script to cross-check OSM and Wikidata, found many incorrect disambig
references, would love to start community discussion on best guidelines
going forward.

I have been analyzing the quality of OSM’s wikipedia and wikidata tags by
cross-checking data using both OSM tags and Wikidata. My first goal is to
fix “disambiguation” references - when OSM object links to the Wikipedia
disambiguation page, instead of the real location page. I have already
fixed about 200 objects, but there are about 800+ relations left, and I
could really use some help. I don’t think its possible to add them to
MapRoulette just yet.

While fixing wd/wp tagging issues, I have been putting together a list of
open questions on how we want to improve wikipedia and wikidata tags in
general, and create some guidelines. Lets discuss them in the talk page?

Lastly, if you have any suggestions on different ways to validate data
using the mixture of Wikidata and OSM, let me know. At the moment I have a
list of all types of OSM objects’ wikidata IDs, and mark the bad ones with
a value. If OSM’s wikidata’s “instance of” of one of the bad types, my
script puts those OSM objects it into a separate list that I can analyze.
The list of types is here - sort by the second column:
Feel free to modify the second value of any row to indicate that those
objects should be fixed.

i just fixed all the disambiguation page entries in China, you can remove them from the table.

I can see the table has been refreshed and there is plenty of disambig pages in China again.
Maybe someone has added a plenty of new wikipedia entries, many disambiguation pages among them.
Oh, in a few cases I have just added a Chinese wikipedia link where there was none, but there was a wikidata tag and the object was in China.

EDIT: Nope, I can see now. You must have corrected wikipedia tag in tag list without correcting wikidata tag. That way wikidata entry is still a wikidata of disambiguation page, although you have corrected wikipedia entry. I.e. wikidata=* points to something different than wikpedia=* now.

If you are using iD, try correcting the wikipedia field which is above the list of tags - this automatically corrects wikidata tag to match. I have tried that for a few entries and it did correct wikidata tags, but it’s tricky for me to choose the correct wikipedia entry from the list, as I can’t read Chinese really :wink: so I don’t want to spoil something.

If you are using JOSM, then you need a wikipedia plugin, which adds “fetch wikidata entries” to data menu. Then you select objects, use this option and it corrects all wikidata entries of selected objects.

Or you may open the wikipedia page, select “wikidata entry” from the left-side menu and correct the wikidata id manually, but it seems to be the most time consuming way.

I see it was fixed by you and nyuriks already. Great!

Did someone contact nyuriks and others to ask them what they are doing? and how?
Looks to me like an automatic search/edit without checking the contents of the linked page.