Introducing Data4All - A new Android mapping tool

Data4All is an OpenSource OpenStreetMap-Editor for Android and has been available and developed since 2015 by students from the University of Bremen. We wanted to build a simple editor which is easy to use for everyone.

Idea: What you see, is what you map!


  • Take photos and trace everything you want to map on them
  • Save photos in the gallery and edit them afterwards
  • Augmented Reality to show objects
  • Create and edit new Nodes and Ways, Areas and Buildings
  • Move, rotate and scale Objects
  • Create, edit and delete Tags
  • Add Tags via Speech
  • Over 200 predefined Tags
  • Login and Upload to OSM-Server
  • Record and Upload of GPS-Tracks

The App is currently available in English, German and French.

Visit us:

The interface looks very Nice. I think I misunderstood how tracing from pictures works. I traced the front side, but that’s not the footprint one would see on aerial imagery. Jo