Interactive Layer with points


i want to show on my map with my tiles some interactive layer, where will be points (every point from OSM for current view) displayed. User can click on some point to select or deselect it (selected points should be connected with oriented line… :). Do you know some project or anything, where I can take inspiration from?


Ota Prochazka

Hello again,

still thinking about this and i have an idea.

I will render tiles with small image on each node. When user click into map, I will dynamically add marker on the nearest node - I will find it with OSM API. Will be much faster than read all points and add it to a map.

I have another one question.

How can I add geometry column values into mapnik postgre database?. I am not sure, what lon and lat used in table planet_osm_nodes means (exactly why its integer and how can I it convert to coordinates). I added column way (geometry) to planet_osm_nodes and I tried something like this, but as I expect, it is not the good solution :)…

UPDATE planet_osm_nodes SET way=ST_GeomFromText(‘POINT(’||lon||’ ‘||lat||’)', 900913)


For some ideas, there is this WikiMap project :

You can see the Javascript source code, but it doesn’t run on IE at all.